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Here is a peek into my love of the AWESOME all girl band HUNTER VALENTINE. I've been a Fan since 2006 and had the chance to become friends with the girls along with my bestie Tina known as "the Freak Fan" Hitting over 28+ shows It's been my pleasure watching their fan base grow and grow and now since TRLW season 3 there is no stopping them.

Sept 2014 - So how did everyone like Make or Break?, poor Kiyomi always has the drama of the editing team on reality shows, we all know what a great person she is and how much she loves the band and her fans. I downloaded "Burn with it" did you?
The girls are starting their "LADY KILLER TOUR" check their dates on the website for a venue near you, it is a must see when they are in your town. NO EXCUSES not to go.

July/Aug 2014 - Catch the girls on the new TV reality show Linda Perry's Make or Break - how will the girls do?

July 2013 - My recent pleasures has been a road trip to NYC (8hours) to see the girls open up for Cyndi Lauper, and just this past fall in Toronto the girls hometown they played at Massey Hall with Cyndi again, it was such a proud moment seeing them up there doing what they love to do best!


Welcome Lisa Bianco to the world of Hunter Valentine, she is the newest addition with the departure of Aimee and I got to meet her during the girls Warped Tour this summer, very super nice.

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